Virpi Liinalaakso

Research units & titles

Artistic and research interests

I am a passionate researcher and developer of Finnish working life. My core competence is in performance management, with special focus on gender equal pay practices.

My expertise is based on strong academic experience: I have obtained my licentiate degree from Aalto University School of Science. In my thesis “Play Fair, Pay Fair. A systemic model of pay system -related factors contributing to gender-based pay differences”, I studied which factors affect the gender equality of the organizations' pay systems.

I have also worked for several years at Aalto University’s Research Program of Rewarding in researching and developing the reward practices of over 50 companies and organisations in Finland. It was typical for me to work on projects that researched and promoted equal pay practices. I have worked on several ESF-funded tripartite research projects aimed at developing equal pay systems and practices in Finland.

Since then, I have put my theoretical experience into practice and I am currently working in Aalto university Human Resource Services, where I am responsible for coordinating the development of academic career systems.

Education/Academic qualification

  • Master of Administrative Sciences, Administrative Sciences, Tampereen yliopisto


  • Academic careers, Performance evaluation, Human Resource Management, Wellbeing, Pay system, Pay equality, Equality, Justice

ID: 65913