Tom Bäckström

Professor (Associate Professor)

Research units & titles

Artistic and research interests

My research is focused on sustainable speech communications technology, where sustainable refers to methods which uses resources efficiently and ecologically and which do not expose the privacy or security of user more than necessary. I am currently chairing and a founding member of the ISCA Special Interest Group "Security and Privacy in Speech Communication". Previously, I have contributed to several international standards such as 3GPP Enhanced Voice Services and MPEG Unified Speech and Audio Coding. My current research topics include speech coding and enhancement, acoustic fingerprinting, distributed source coding, as well as studies in how people experience privacy for the purpose of developing better user-interfaces for voice operated devices.

Education/Academic qualification

  • Doctor of Science (Technology), Teknillinen korkeakoulu

  • Master of Science (Technology), Teknillinen korkeakoulu


  • speech processing, speech coding

ID: 6697070