Tarik Taleb

Professor (Associate Professor)

Research units & titles

Artistic and research interests

Mosaic Lab led by Prof. Tarik Taleb has since its inception involved in quite a number of remarkable and challenging research activities revolving around cutting edge technologies in the areas of: Network Softwarization and Enablers, Network Slicing, Softwarization of Service and Content Delivery Platforms (CDN), Virtual Security Orchestration, IoT as a Service, Unmanned Arial Vehicles (UAV) control and management based on cellular system and Multimedia streaming. Our comprehensive expertise in modern enabling technologies and algorithms such as network functions virtualization (NFV), software defined networking (SDN) and different service orchestration logic afford us the opportunity to implement and develop systems utilizing the above-mentioned technologies.

Using different mix of ourĀ  extensive research activities, we have aggregated and consolidated our expertise in the development and provisioning of services in three principal research directions: (1) Customization of mobile telecommunication services based on big data analytics and NFV using network softwarization in general, and network slicing in particular, (2) UAV-based platform for the delivery of Internet of Things services integrated with dynamic on-demand virtual security intervention capabilities based on NFV and SDN and (3) Social network-based personalized over the top TV for the creation of TV channels for a particular target audience belonging to the same social cycle.

ID: 99815