Simo Hostikka

Professor (Associate Professor)

Research units & titles

Artistic and research interests

My research field is Fire Safety Engineering. It means utilization of scientific methods for the design and assessment of buildings and other infrastructure for the fire and evacuation safety. More specifically, the methods of numerical fire simulations are in the focus.

  • Thermal radiation heat transfer, see e.g. THERAD
  • Solid pyrolysis modelling and flame / fire retardancy, see e.g. FISAMA
  • Fire-induced pressure and smoke spreading in energy efficient buildings, see e.g. PAHAHUPA
  • Probabilistic fire risk analyses
  • Reliability of passive fire protection systems (nuclear power plant fire safety)

In our research, we use and develop the Fire Dynamics Simulator -software.



  • Fire safety, Thermal radiation, Pyrolysis

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