Shahin Homaeigohar

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I do research on nanomaterials including nanoparticles and particularly nanofibers for advanced applications. More specifically, I synthesize electrospun polymeric nanofibers for water treatment and tissue engineering scaffolds. In both areas of application, high surface area of nanofibrous materials enable optimum engineering of their surface and functionalization. Accordingly, they can be loaded with ligands and secondary functional materials for a diverse range of uses such as electrostatic separation of charged pollutants from water or release of drugs inside body. Accordingly, as a new generation of biomedical and filtration materials, efficiency would be maximized at low cost.

I’m highly interested to get involved in various projects related to water teatment and particularly biomedicine involving nanofiber materials. So, any relevant collaboration is welcome.


Research Group: Nanochemistry and Nanoengineering

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ResearcherID E-1796-2015


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