Päivi Kyllönen-Kunnas

Research units & titles

Artistic and research interests

Writing a D.A. dissertation research on technological experience on material by visual artists and contemporary art conservation-restoration practice. 

Kyllönen-Kunnas’s research brings forward the questions on modern materials, to build up, and experience the making of the contemporary works of art, items of coming to be heritage objects. The idea is to approach the primary sources with contemporary and historical impressions on limited, on conservation important themes of the discipline of conservation-restoration. The aim is to place the conservation-restoration of art to art research practice to illustrate the new traditions. The research discusses both the practicality of the profession and permissive ideological variation of the research inside the contemporary theory of conservation-restoration of art.   

In the research, the embodied, experienced knowledge of the artist, the artist’s-live-through vision inspected by the conservator, places the work of art in tradition of the contemporary art and in conservation-restoration of it's heritage objects. Including material knowledge on technology of composites; gypsum, UPR plastics and fiber materials, the thesis focuses on the unique outcomes, experiences and interpretation of the artist’s creative work. 


Independent, peer-reviewed and published case study articles

by 2012-2013 on practical elements of contemporary art conservation-restoration on thematic: Project management and decision making (2012), Process management practice in conservation in society politics challenges (2012) and Case study research and conservation process in sight of material technical and artistic  significances approaches (2013-2014).


Doctoral student, Art Department, The School of Arts, Design and Architecture, Aalto University

Researcher-Conservator, Art Collections, City of Oulu, Educational and Cultural Services, Museum and Science Centre, Oulu Art Museum since 2007 -

Conservator, Art Collections, City of Oulu, 1994 - 2007



Professional Qualifications

  • Master of Art on Art History, M.A.

    20 May 2007
  • Bancelor of Art on Conservation, Art, B.A.

    1 Sep 2003 - 1 Apr 2004
  • Vocational Diploma, Paintings Conservator, Paintings Conservator

    2 Jan 1990 - 28 Feb 1994

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