Myrto Chliova

Assistant Professor

Research units & titles

Artistic and research interests

Dr. Chliova has been working as Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship at the Aalto University School of Business since 2015.

Her research focuses on how entrepreneurship and emergent organizations can help tackle grand social challenges such as poverty, inequality and the refugee crisis. Her work on developing and scaling ventures in the base of the pyramid and on the impact of microloans on entrepreneurs quality of life has been published in the Journal of Business Venturing and the Academy of Management Perspectives, and received the Journal of Small Business Management Award for the best paper on the topic of Public Policy.

In current research projects she is exploring the emergence of social entrepreneurship, the evolution of grassroots organizations addressing refugee integration challenges, as well as the outcomes of prosociality among mainstream entrepreneurs.

Dr. Chliova is responsible for teaching Aalto MSc students how to develop actionable venture ideas in her Venture Ideation course, and how to be entrepreneurial in their life and work during the CEMS Block seminar on Enterprising Competences.


  • Microfinance, Inclusive innovation, Sustainable Entrepreneurship, Social entrepreneurship, Entrepreneurship

ID: 45373