Meri Lundahl

Research units & titles

Artistic and research interests

My research concerns novel biobased materials, especially ways to produce fibres from nanocellulose by wet-spinning. With this kind of technique, textile fibres could be made from forest resources with new properties, such as controlled porosity and strength. In order to optimize the method, I study also nanocellulose rheology (i.e., flow behaviour) and water interactions, which critically affect the qualities of the wet-spun fibre. I aim to participate enabling the societal transition towards a circular economy by developing biodegradable fibre materials competitive with oil-based ones.

Education/Academic qualification

  • Bachelor of Science (Technology), Information Technology, Aalto-yliopisto, Sähkötekniikan korkeakoulu

Professional Qualifications

  • Master of Science in Technology, M.Sc. (Tech.)

    1 Sep 2011 - 17 Jun 2014


  • biomaterials, nanocellulose, rheology, spinning, vapour sorption, filament

ID: 78093