Katja Lautamatti

Doctoral Candidate

Research units & titles

Artistic and research interests

Katja Lautamatti is a documentary film director and a doctoral candidate drawn towards the themes of collective meaning and the imaginary. She has written and directed radioplays, television programs and documentary films. In addition to film studies, she has completed studies in cultural anthropology and has a degree in fine arts. Lautamatti’s artistic research consists of film, art projects and a collection of theoretical essays entitled “Cinema of the absent: how to record the nothing”

She is a founding member of "Hysteeriset oireet - Suomen sisällissodan ylimääräiset liuskat", a multidisciplinary project aimed at investigating the archives of the Finnish civil war (1917-18) through artistic practice, theoretical thought and journalism. The project has received funding from Kone foundation in 2015 and the results will be published in 2018.

Lautamatti is a researcher at Critical Cinema Lab, a film-practice-led & artistic research entity based at the Department of Film, Television and Scenography at Aalto University.

ID: 2508867