Kasperi Mäki-Reinikka

Research units & titles

Artistic and research interests

Kasperi Mäki-Reinikka (b. 1987) is a Helsinki-based researcher, media artist, art educator and a doctoral candidate at Aalto University. His practice and research is based on collaboration between different fields of art, science and technology. Mäki-Reinikka is the founder of interdisciplinary art collective Brains on Art that combines art and science in interactive installations. Generative methods and human biosignals are often used in the collective’s work. Recent exhibitions have delved into the creativity of imaginary machines drawn by children, and virtual ecologies created from viewer’s heartbeat and stress level. Currently Mäki-Reinikka is engaged in artistic practice around the topic of artificial intelligence.

Education/Academic qualification

  • Master of Arts (Art and Design), Aalto-yliopisto

  • Bachelor of Arts (Art and Design), Aalto-yliopisto


  • bioart, Interdisciplinary collaboration, artificial intelligence, Media Art, artistic research, Pedagogy

ID: 15207871