Dr. Johanna Moisander


Research units & titles

Artistic and research interests

My research focuses on power and politics in organizational and institutional life. My empirical studies are invariably based on qualitative, discursive or 'inductive,' research designs and methods.

I'm currently working on projects that deal with discursive struggles over organizational legitimacy, emotions in institutional work, emotional and socio-cultural aspects of experience design and employee experience.

My latest article, published in Human Relations, focuses on mechanisms of biopower and precarious work in the emerging 'gig economy.'


Academia.edu: http://aalto-fi.academia.edu/JohannaMoisander

Research gate: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Johanna_Moisander

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Editorial positions

  • Editorial board member of Human Relations
  • Editorial board member of Journal of Business Ethics


  • Power and governmentality, Organizational Discourse, Organization studies, Emotions, Institutional work, Gender, Consumer Culture Theory

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