Jari Aaltonen

Research units & titles

Artistic and research interests

Jari Aaltonen is landscape architect but he has worked in different positions in Finnish theaters and television productions. His doctoral research belongs under the expanded scenography. His research: "The Art Environment in the Park Context -  Combining artistic, practical and technical endeavors” combines similarities and differences between park architecture and scenography. Scenography and scenographical thinking provides possibilities also outside the theater, but how to encounter a park, which doesn’t fulfill the requirements that we normally set for it? How can the artistic, practical and technical endeavors be combined in a park environment?

Professional Qualifications

  • International Master's Program in Landscape Architecture, (Germany & Switzerland), Master of Engineering

  • Sydväst Polytechnic (Finland), Landscape Planning and Design, Bachelor of Horticultural Production

  • Sydväst Vocational School (Finland), Vocational qualification in Horticulture


  • Landscape architecture, park design, theater, scenography, phenomenology of architecture

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