Janne Halme

University Lecturer

Research units & titles

Artistic and research interests

I am a University Lecturer with a title of Docent on new energy technologies and solar energy at the Department of Applied Physics.

Since my doctoral research, I have done both fundamental and applied research of dye-based solar cells with a focus on flexible and printable devices, device characterization and modelling, and stability studies.

While broadly interested in multidisciplinary research between physics, engineering, biology, design and architecture, I focus my current research on coloured photovoltaics for aesthetic building- and product-integration.

As a teacher and an academic coordinator of the AMIS Master's program, I combine innovation and entrepreneurship education to a science and technology curriculum in collaboration with Aalto Ventures Program.

As an Innovation Agent of the Department of Applied Physics, I encourage and support researchers in commercialization of their research results.

As an ArtScience explorer, I am working with an artist and a group of scientists to create a biosolar panel based upon the painting "Snow Storm - Steam-Boat Off A Harbour's Mouth" by William Turner.

My research contributions have been published in more than 70 journal and conference papers, listed in ORCID, ResearcherID and SCOPUS.

Examples of recent publications:


Education/Academic qualification

  • Doctor of Science (Technology), Engineering Physics, Teknillinen korkeakoulu

  • Master of Science (Technology), Engineering Physics, Teknillinen korkeakoulu

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