Heikka Valja

Research units & titles

Artistic and research interests

Heikka Valja is a part-time lecturer and doctoral candidate in the Aalto University School of Art, Design and Architecture. He holds a master's degree in art education. His master's thesis is published on the website of Systems Intelligence Research Group.

Valja's doctoral research concerns play, games and gaming in art education. He is interested in the experientality of digital and non-digital games and gaming. Valja's view on games is in line with constructionist ludology.

Valja teaches a wide variety of subjects in Aalto University: game history and game design, game education and gamification, online learning, digital art and illustration, graphic design and social media. 

Valja is part of Martial Arts Based Research team in which he studies the playful and game-like aspects of martial arts.


#games #gaming #gamedesign #arteducation #visualculture #onlinelearning #gamification #sports #martialart #gender #ableism #digitalart #graphicdesign

Education/Academic qualification

  • Master of Arts (Art and Design), Aalto-yliopisto

  • Bachelor of Arts (Art and Design), Aalto-yliopisto, Taiteiden ja suunn. korkeakoulu

ID: 53172