Jarl Arnkil

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Artistic and research interests

Harald Arnkil is an artist, educator and colour researcher. He holds the position of Senior University Lecturer in Colour Studies and is currently pursuing doctoral research under the title Colour in the Artistic Process. Arnkil’s main research interest are the perception and experience of colour colour in art, design and architecture. Arnkil has written a widely-used textbook, Värit havaintojen maailmassa (2007), which was published in 2013 as a revised English-language edition with the title Colours in the Visual World. Arnkil’s other research interests include colour in contemporary art, multisensory experience and the concept of colour harmony. Arnkil’s art works are included in several major museums in Finland as well as public and private art collections in Finland and abroad.


  • SYN-TES Nordic research network on colour and light, Colour research, Painting, Lighting, Visual perception, Väritutkimus, Maalaustaide, Väri

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