Essi Karell

Doctoral Candidate

Research units & titles

Artistic and research interests

My doctoral thesis focuses on recyclability of clothing textiles in a circular economy context. My aim is to benefit the clothing industry by providing an investigation on possibilities and limitations of closed loop textile recycling from the perspective of design. More precisely, how clothing designers could ease textile waste recycling in closed loops, and hence enable more textile waste to be regenerated into virgin quality textile fibers.

Having education and professional background in clothing design, focus on the design practice in my doctoral thesis is a natural choice for me. I graduated from Aalto University in 2014, after which I worked as a sportswear designer in the clothing industry. Since 2017, I have been conducting doctoral studies and working for an EU-funded research project Trash-2-Cash that aims for new regenerated fibres from pre-consumer and post-consumer textile waste.

I belong to Fashion/Textile Futures research group that approaches research in the field of fashion, clothing and textiles in multi-faceted ways. 

ID: 9845771