Denise Ziegler

Research units & titles

Artistic and research interests

Denise Ziegler is a artist and researcher of public space. She is working on a new kind of understanding of public urban space trough experimental artistic interventions. Denise Ziegler's works are traces of gestures, of human activity, of something that has occurred. She reconstruct events that refer to inconspicuous human activity or everyday things like home plants or garden fences, transplanting them into a new context. This endows Ziegler's works not only with poetic, but also conflicting and sometimes even comical or tautological features. Ziegler's reconstructed events are usually three-dimensional combinations of objects, but they can also be drawings, paintings, video works, or literary-visual works. By the term 'reconstruction' Ziegler refers to the process of transforming the underlying pattern of the piece (situation, event, image or object) into a work of art. Ziegler often works in and for public space. 

Professional Qualifications

  • Doctor of Fine Arts, University of the Arts Helsinki,

ID: 109730