David Muoz

Research units & titles

Artistic and research interests


   NAES, Nomad Archive/Agency of Emergent Studies

A collective-connective research proposition that claims the political space of research as the right to know and the right to imagine together.

NÆS stands for the recognition of nomadity as a non-linear condition that characterizes knowledge production and its reproduction. As a study, it aims to expose that the epistemological and ontological configurations are radically interdependent to their collective socialized dynamic circulation. As a transboundary study platform, it activates the artistic capacity to collectively claim agency over historical processes by exploring the forms in which records, memories, and experiences can sediment, while propitiating moments of encounter that encompass urgencies, critique, and self-critique. As a living agency/archival praxis, it intersects emergent dynamics of social organization and promotes critical thinking and studying against the grain; imagination as actual potency; and strategies of dissent within collective struggles. 

Education/Academic qualification

  • Master of Arts (Art and Design), Aalto-yliopisto, Taiteiden ja suunn. korkeakoulu


  • praxis / decolonial / poetry / nomadology / emergence

ID: 10340270