Camilla Andersson

Research units & titles

Artistic and research interests

Camilla Andersson´s research focus on the spectrum of norm-critical design and speculative design. Her research projects focus on gender and sustainability and the related power relations. The approach is that of Research through Design and produces physical artefacts which are used as discursive things. These discursive things have been developed and used both in organisational settings as well as in exhibitions and workshops and her focus is to explore and theorize how the unique qualities of design that so successfully produces imaginaries can be used as critically informed tools for producing and dialogically communicating new, more just and sustainable narratives around how to inhabit this planet.

Camilla holds a MA. in Architecture (KTH, Stockholm) including studies at Kingston University, London and Ecole Nationale Supérieure d'Architecture de Paris-Belleville. She is currently involved in several Research through Design projects at KTH, Stockholm focusing on gender and sustainability. 

Professional Qualifications

  • MA of Architecture at KTH, Stockholm,

    2000 - 2006

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