Bart Vandeput (Bartaku)

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Artistic and research interests

Bartaku (artist name of Bart Vandeput) practices the art of enquiry. His main interests lie in cognitive ecology, consciousness studies, neurobiology, energy and the philosophy of knowing and becoming. His work is often process-based, collaborative and situated in the folds and cracks of formal classifications. Since March 2016 he develops the entanglement with the Aronia m. BaBe appleberry as a Doctoral candidate at the Department of Arts, Design and Architecture of Aalto University (Fin). He is participating artist in arts ecology project and is a member of both cultural lab FoAM (Bru) and the Finnish Bioartsociety.  

Portfolio online: 1909 Bartaku select works    



  • Artistic research, Interspecies dialogue, Baroia b., Aronia m.

ID: 1638253