Antti Miihkinen

Research units & titles

Artistic and research interests

Antti Miihkinen works at the Aalto University School of Business at the department of accounting as a post-doc researcher. His research interest areas are corporate governance (disclosures, board characteristics, auditing, and assurance), strategy and accounting education. In addition, Antti teaches undergraduate students at the Bachelors' thesis seminar course. 

Antti Miihkinen (born 1981) received his PhD from the Aalto University School of Business. In his dissertation Antti examined corporate risk and transition disclosures in the IFRS era. After his PhD Antti was awarded with the appreciated Fulbright scholarship and spent 25 months (August 2014-September 2016) at the Fisher School of Accounting at the University of Florida. Recently, he also visited three months at the University of Technology, Sydney (UTS). Antti is open to new research ideas which also cross the borders between the disciplines.

Antti enjoys sports in all forms and has been competing at a national level in the decathlon in which he has won several championship medals. Most recently, he also got interested in masters sport and was lucky enought to win three World Championship bronze medals in track and field. His other hobbies are golf, fishing, reading, dancing and photographing.

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Education/Academic qualification

  • Master of Science (Economics and Business Administration), Helsingin kauppakorkeakoulu

Professional Qualifications

  • Doctor of Science (Econ.), Aalto University School of Business,

  • Master of Science (Technology), Aalto University School of Engineering,

  • University teacher degree (certified by the University of Tampere),


  • corporate governance, corporate disclosures, board characteristics, auditing, assurance, disclosures, strategy, competition, innovation, social responsibility, accounting education

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