Anna Jensen

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MA Anna Jensen (1978)  is a curator, researcher, artist and art critic currently working as a Doctoral candidate in Aalto University and doing her PhD ‘The Uncanny Soul of a Place and a Being’ is about the concept of unheimlich (uncanny) in contemporary art and urban space, and how art can approach the unrepresentable and unstructured in the world, and hence open up places for discourses otherways impossible. Jensen is part of Porin kulttuurisäätö artist-curator collective whose work aims to combine art and research and explore and reconstruct existing structures of the art world and in our society. Together with Eliisa Suvanto they have also created the Space Invaders concept, that takes over empty and abandoned spaces, creates short duration multidisciplinary projects and thereby takes part in the conversation about public space and existing power relations.


  • Artistic research , Curating, ARTS, Aesthetics, Urban research

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