Andy Best


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Artistic and research interests

Andy Best-Dunkley (MFA) is a media artist and sculptor, specialising in playful and provocative interactions in physical spaces such as galleries and museums, in the public city space, as well as in the online virtual realm of cyberspace.  Andy is one half of the internationally acclaimed artist duo Andy and Merja, a collaboration with his wife and partner Merja Puustinen. Andy’s work is powerful, provocative and often tackles social and political themes in playful, physical ways. He uses his interest in physical computing and electronics to seek collaboration in other diverse spheres such as data visualisation, live performance, and physical interaction design. Andy is lecturer in charge of sculpture teaching and development within the Center for General Studies, Aalto ARTS.

Professional Qualifications

  • Pedagogical Teacher Training,

    Aug 2003 - May 2005
  • Master of Fine Arts, MFA


  • Participatory Action Resarch, Participatory design, Media Art, Fine Art, HCI, Interaction design, Sculpture, Social empowerment

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