¡Viva España! 12 Inspiring Projects Celebrating Spanish Culture

Eric Baldwin (Leikkaaja), José Moragues, Fernando Nieto Fernandez, Ricardo Paternina

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Made to embrace a temperate Mediterranean climate, contemporary Spanish projects are emerging alongside vibrant, walkable cities and lively public spaces. Across the country, buildings open to their context and each other. In turn, they open people to exchange. Valuing sensory and social experiences, these buildings are rooted in sectional qualities. They encourage exploration and discovery as they set the stage for daily life.

Over the last year, we’ve taken a broad survey of contemporary Spanish architecture, from elegant concrete homes and metal façades to wineries and seaside hideaways. Now we’re shifting focus to explore some of Spain’s incredible cultural projects. As one of the most diverse nations in the world, Spain balances a respect for history with a rigorous optimism for the future. New designs are made alongside ancient mosques and grandiose public spaces intimately tied to their context. Built in both the city and the countryside, these projects leave lasting economic and social impacts. Collectively, the following 12 designs reveal an inspiring design culture rooted in a desire to rethink the everyday.

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TilaJulkaistu - 8 maaliskuuta 2017
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