ViCCA Production Seminar: The Best Fears of Our Life

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    ViCCA Production Seminar:
    The Best Fears of Our Life

    Vapaakaupungin olohuone, kauppakeskus Redi

    Artistic research and artistic practice require experimenting on how to present and perform these in public. Throughout the spring, ViCCA Production course has been about these experiments: trying new ways of presenting what we do, hearing and seeing presentations, talking about presentations, and therefore, talking about what does “practice” actually mean and how do we mediate it.

    In ViCCA Production seminar we will have two days of performances, presentations, that have different approaches on art, artistic practice and artistic research. The seminar will facilitate discussions and presentations around this important dimension of artistic practice and everybody is invited to join. The event takes place in Redi’s Vapaakaupunki space, which is open for public and that in itself challenges the ideas of commercial space, private space, and public space and is therefore linked to relevant questions in artistic practice and research: communication, publicity, mediating and spatiality.

    The seminar has two external respondents that will be commenting on the presentations: artist Artor Jesus Inkerö, who is currently based in Amsterdam in Rijks Akademie residency, and curator, writer and educator An Paenhuysen, currently based in Berlin.
    TilaJulkaistu - 23 toukokuuta 2019
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