Urban Carbon Sinks : Identifying carbon drawdown initiatives in urban areas

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This report is part of the EIT Climate KIC ideation grant on Urban Climate Sinks. The project has aimed to collect understanding on the relevance and means of carbon drawdown in urban areas with a particular eye on citizen involvement and impacts on everyday life. Within Climate KIC, the aimed project contributes to climate-smart agriculture. It also sought to reform food systems by pointing out on the additional benefits of urban gardening, green infrastructures and the management of organic waste in conjunction to carbon sequestration.

The ideation project, reported with this document, consisted of background work, expert interviews and two face-to-face meeting in the Helsinki regions. It has identified established actors and interest in the field of green area management in the metropolitan Helsinki area and connected actors across organizational domains. It has also contributed to identifying further needs in the innovation process and identified a consortium dedicated to submit a further application for early phase innovation funding in Climate KIC.


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TilaJulkaistu - 2019
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