Translational health technology and system schemes: enhancing the dynamics of health informatics

Marjo Rissanen*

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Translational health technology and design schemes reflect certain themes in systems approach and its dynamics. This paper discusses these aligned ideas in view of their value to translational design processes. The ideas embedded in these two approaches are considered in the light of critical questions associated with the development of health informatics. Health care processes for patients might be very fragmented. Synergy thinking is required in all areas of design: it is crucial to understand the theoretical frames and issues associated with focus environments, administration, and cost policy. By internalizing common nuances in these approaches, designers can ease the interaction and communication between experts from different backgrounds. Synergistic thinking aids designers in health informatics to produce more sophisticated products. Maturing in recognizing the whole aids to take into account "the very essentials" more easily. These skills are very vital in prioritizing development substances in health informatics area.

JulkaisuHealth information science and systems
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TilaJulkaistu - 9 marraskuuta 2020
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