Traffic microplastic – solutions to mitigate the problem : FanpLESStic-sea project report

Erika Winquist, Marjatta Vahvaselkä, Matleena Vuola, Panu Sainio

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Traffic microplastics, i.e. tyre and road wear particles, are reported as the largest group of microplastics entering the environment and finally the sea. Thus, it is most critical to decrease the amount of especially traffic related microplastics and here already a small relative decrease can be significant.
The primary aim of the EU’s ‘Sustainable and Smart Mobility Strategy’ is to reduce transport related GHG emissions by at least 90% by 2050 compared to 1990. However, a carbon neutral transportation system is not enough, also other traffic related contamination, such as tyre and road wear particles, should be considered. On the contrary, with increasing number of electric vehicles, even more attention should be paid to tyre wear. Electric cars can accelerate faster than many traditional cars, which may lead to increased tyre wear. In addition, electric cars are today generally heavier than cars that run on liquid fuels or gas, due to the weight of the batteries.
The most efficient way to reduce the amount of tyre and road wear particles in the environment are through preventive methods. Factors that affect tyre and road wear are related to proper use of tyres, driving behaviour, and the characteristics of the tyres as well as road surfaces. These are all presented in this report in more detail. A good starting point to tackle the traffic microplastics’ problem is all kind of public awareness raising campaigns. Some improvements might also need supportive policies for their realization. However, there is already a lot what we can do even without further technical development. But for successful implementation, commitment is needed from all stakeholders; policy makers, industry, municipalities and consumers.
ISBN (elektroninen)978-952-380-255-1
TilaJulkaistu - 2021
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NimiNatural resources and bioeconomy studies
KustantajaNatural Resources Institute Finland
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