Towards fully self-consistent optoelectronic simulation of planar devices

Pyry Kivisaari*, Toufik Sadi, Mikko Partanen, Jani Oksanen

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Photon recycling plays an important role in various optoelectronic devices, such as thin-film solar cells and intracavity double-diode structures presently studied for electroluminescent cooling. However, a complete description of photon recycling requires developing fully self-consistent simulation tools of photon and electronic charge transport in realistic device structures. In this paper, we describe a possible route towards such simulation tools in planar devices by combining the radiative transfer (RT) equation of photon transport with the drift-diffusion (DD) equations of electron and hole dynamics. We investigate the feasibility of the approach by selected proof-of-principle device studies. The results indicate that combining the RT and DD models not only yields the expected device characteristics, but also produces new insight into the pertinent local emission and absorption properties within the device structures. In particular, the model allows to accurately investigate how emission directivity and saturation affect the coupling coefficient in the double diode structures, showing that the main contribution to the coupling coefficient arises from the reflectivity of the top contact. For completeness, we also discuss how interference affects photon transport in resonant devices by an example calculation using the quantized fluctuational electrodynamics framework, paving way for self-consistent modeling tools that also account for wave-optical effects.

JulkaisuOptical and Quantum Electronics
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TilaJulkaistu - 1 huhtik. 2019
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