Thermodynamic analysis of geothermal series flow double-effect water/LiBr absorption chiller

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  • Ali Khosravi

  • Mamdouh El Haj Assad
  • Zafar Said
  • Mona Albawab
  • Tareq Salameh
  • Muhammad Tawalbeh
  • Amani Al-Othman



In this work, a thermodynamic analysis of a double effect water/LiBr absorption chiller of series configuration powered geothermal energy is presented. The geothermal energy is used to drive the desorber of the absorption chiller. This geothermal energy is obtained from the geofluid leaving an existing geothermal power plant before it is reinjected back to the ground. The effects of geofluid temperature, geofluid mass flow rate, chilled water temperature, condenser inlet temperature as well as the heat exchangers sizes are investigated to find out the performance of the chiller from coefficient of performance and cooling load points of view. This is done by using the mass flow rate and energy balances of each component of the absorption chiller combined with an Engineering Equation Solver software. The results show that the coefficient of performance and cooling load can reach about 1.32 and 475 kW, respectively under some operating conditions.


Otsikko2019 International Conference on Renewable and Sustainable Energy - 2019 Advances in Science and Engineering Technology (ASET)
TilaHyväksytty/In press - 27 maaliskuuta 2019
OKM-julkaisutyyppiD3 Ammatillisen konferenssin julkaisusarja
TapahtumaInternational Conference on Renewable and Sustainable Energy - Dubai, Yhdistyneet arabiemiirikunnat
Kesto: 26 maaliskuuta 201928 maaliskuuta 2019


ConferenceInternational Conference on Renewable and Sustainable Energy
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