The Prioritization of Sustainability Features of Buildings from the Viewpoint of Experts

Taraneh Delavar*, Ali Amiri, Eerika Borgentorp, Seppo Junnila

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The reduction of environmental impact in buildings and the enhancement of environmental performance in the built environment are the key objectives of sustainable development. To achieve this, the adoption of green buildings requires a comprehensive construction approach that focuses on delivering environmentally friendly solutions throughout the entire construction process. This research aims to bridge the gap between theoretical concepts and the practical realities of construction in Iran. It proposes essential criteria and assigns weights to them for creating green buildings based on the opinions of experts from different backgrounds. To understand how buildings are influenced by the environment, society and economics, relevant factors were identified using library research. Web-based surveys involving experts, including architects, engineers, and environmental specialists, were conducted to gather insights into these criteria. A total of 14 criteria were accepted and categorized into economic, environmental, and social dimensions. The Analytic Network Process (ANP) methodology was employed to assess the opinions of 45 expert participants, as provided in the questionnaire. The findings indicate that, among sustainability features, the environmental factor holds the highest significance in Iran, while the social factor is considered the least important. Looking at the sub-criteria, reducing water consumption, financial incentives, and achieving energy efficiency at a reasonable cost are given the highest priority within the environmental, economic, and social aspects of green buildings.
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TilaJulkaistu - 4 jouluk. 2023
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