The internationalization of early stage social enterprises

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Social enterprises (SEs) have become important new actors in solving grand challenges in a VUCA world. Nevertheless, International Business (IB) research has paid little attention to them. To address this gap, we draw upon a comparative case study of two SEs: one addressing poverty and the other tackling ocean plastics pollution. Our analysis uncovers two issue-specific internationalization paths: a multi-local path and a born-glocal path. On the basis of the findings, we re-conceptualize internationalization in the context of SEs as an ongoing, issue-specific process of social impact scaling through bricolage, global optimization, and local integration. We conclude by offering suggestions for further accounting for SEs in the IB research agenda.


OtsikkoInternational Business in a VUCA World: The Changing Role of States and Firm
ToimittajatRob van Tulder, Verbeke Alain, Barbara Jankowska
TilaJulkaistu - 2019
OKM-julkaisutyyppiB2 Kirjan osa tai toinen tutkimuskirja


NimiProgress in International Business Research

ID: 39253579