The hands-on learning of practical photogrammetry for archaeology

Wesa Perttola, Petri Rönnholm, Björn Forsén

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Photogrammetric techniques have been applied in archaeology for over 140 years, but recently, automation in software has significantly increased the popularity of photogrammetry. In 2018, the Master’s Programme in Cultural Heritage at Helsinki University arranged a special intensive hands-on course on geodesy, photogrammetry and laser scanning in Greece in order to provide
more in-depth practical skills to students in an inspiring environment. The course was established in co-operation with Aalto University and the Finnish Institute at Athens. In this article, we describe how practical photogrammetry can be learned on an intensive hands-on course. Hands-on experiences and experimental learning enable good practical skills and also a deeper connection and understanding of theory. We believe that the students on the course managed to add photogrammetry to their archaeological toolboxes for the rest of their careers.
JulkaisuPhotogrammetric Journal of Finland
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TilaJulkaistu - 2023
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