The Experimental Event VI: Tower of Babel

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    “A lecture is an installation, is a screening is a talk. Incompleteness is a virtue.”The Experimental Event VI: Tower of Babel is the sixth edition of this event combining visual arts, presentation, research and lectures. The contributions range from the not ready-made objects or guaranteed results to the not so rare, more than occasional, and very possible failures and work underway. As the title, Tower of Babel, suggests, this year we ask you to pay specific attention to language. This year Experimental Event is organized in collaboration with the Pori Film Festival. The event becomes a parasite, growing from its host, trying to adapt to its language but still having its own dialects. The first experimental event was held in Pori 2011 by Vappu Jalonen, Pia Euro and Harri Laakso as part of the Pori Art and Media program at the time. Since then, the event has been the responsibility of a different producer and has been undergoing a diverse array of artists, researchers and Aalto University students. The shape of the event has fluctuated, but the key idea has remained the same: to raise experimentation as a way of making and concept into the centre. Instead of ready-made art objects and coherent performances, actions, events and experiments exploring and breaking those boundaries have been curated. It is about being in the process, about incompleteness and about possible failures, happening in the crossroad of constructicity and destructivity. Participants: Ali Akbar Mehta / Danai Anagnostou / Denise Ziegler / Hanna Perälä / Helena Aleksandrova / Jakub Bobrowski / Juha Hilpas / Laura Leif / Maarit Mustonen / Mahnaz Khanpour Motazedi / Maria Villa Largacha / Matti Tainio / Parsa Kamehkhosh/ Silja Eriksson & Sami Juhani Rekola / Steve Maher / Vappu Jalonen / Vidha SaumyaWhores of Babylon: Andrea Coyotzi Borja, Anna Jensen & Sanna Ritvanen
    TilaJulkaistu - 28 marraskuuta 2018
    OKM-julkaisutyyppiF2 Julkaistut taideteosten osatoteutukset
    TapahtumaPori Film Festival - Pori, Suomi
    Kesto: 28 marraskuuta 20182 joulukuuta 2018

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