The Cross-section of a Multi-disciplinary Project in View of Smart Textile Design Practice

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We describe the development path of a smart textile design method, stemming from a collaborative multi-disciplinary project, with three university departments: chemistry, design and electrical engineering. While the project focus was not originally on textiles, the needs for flexible semiconducting materials led to experiments with a zinc oxide(ZnO) semiconductor deposited over cotton substrate, thus shifting the focus towards textiles. A series of exchanges and actions between the three disciplines raised the awareness of the need for textile design methods regarding electric materials. Taking this as a starting point for generating new knowledge, drawing from the strengths of both textile design and engineering, an approach to develop smart textiles was developed. We conducted preliminary evaluation of this approach, called Teksig method, in three contexts related to the smart textile design practice: exploratory and creative collaboration, smart textile design, and technical measurements. To this end, a workshop was organised, as well as conducting a series of measurements using a mechanical test rig, and designing smart textiles with different types of electroconductive yarns. While the initial findings suggest usefulness, however more thorough examination is needed. In this paper, we discuss the overall project, and identify the key stages in the interdisciplinary collaboration, in terms of textile design practice, while reflecting on the outcomes, which enabled paving the way for interwoven design and scientific knowledge embedded into smart textile design practice
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TilaJulkaistu - 2018
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