The 3 Inch Canvas exhibition for Art on mobiles

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    The 3 Inch Canvas exhibition for art on mobiles brought together 11 Finnish artists from a variety of art genres into an exhibition that explored the opportunities and issues related to exhibiting artwork and artist's work on a mobile phone. The other artists in the exhibtion were: Tapani Kiippa: Aquarelle Kaisa Savolainen: Mobile phone theme Mikko Ijäs: Mobile drawing Tanja Koljonen: Animation Johnny Ramstedt: Drawings Aapo Rista: Mobile photo archive Andy Best: Video art Timo Bredenberg: Video Teemu Mäki: Videopoetry Pekka Kantonen: Homevideo The exhibition was a unique new concept, that drew an all the disciplines of the Aalto University. The exhibition had two clear aims. The first aim was to present interesting art to a wide art audience and raise awareness of this new way of viewing art. The second aim was to gather concrete experiences about using mobile devices for presenting art. The includes both audience feedback as well as guidelines and ideas about using mobiles for presenting art based on the experiences from setting up this first exhibtion. The Exhibition was further complemented by a free seminar for artists, where artist could learn about other artist's experiences from using the web and mobile devices.
    TilaJulkaistu - 2010
    OKM-julkaisutyyppiF2 Julkaistut taideteosten osatoteutukset


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