Systems Intelligence in Leadership and Everyday Life

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LEADERSHIP is a practical art, a complex applicative craft of the facilitation of forward-coming processes that unfold. It is skilfulness of dealing with wholes on the move, and amount to abilities of an individual at the pressures of the living now moment to bring about desired changes even in the presence of relative ignorance. Our starting point is the conviction that there is holistic, systemic ingenuity to human action and to human leadership action that should be met head-on. This calls for the description, analysis, and conceptualization of actual practices in a mode that takes for granted the intelligence of those practices even when that intelligence cannot be approached with conventional methods or in terms of explicit knowledge or strict objective rationalism. The Systems Intelligence perspective wants to bring back the human element of leadership - categories such as choice, subjectivity, experience and shared experience, instinct, sensitivity, inspiration, emotional energy and association, without dismissing the more traditional categories of control and prediction, analysis and calculation, and objectivity. We believe this book is a valuable source of insight for practitioners of leadership whether they are managers, business executives, public sector change agents or organization directors, educators, teachers, supervisors, team builders, parents, future-builders or commissioners of power positions large or small, in macro or micro context. Leadership is about people and it is about influence. It is about the future, it is about bringing about change with the resonance of a system. With a deepening self-understanding and alertness to her special condition and pragmatic skilfulness - her Systems Intelligence - the leader will be in a position to do even better something that is already doing well.
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ISBN (painettu)978-951-22-88-37-3
TilaJulkaistu - 2007
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