Systems intelligence - A new lens on human engagement and action

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The systems intelligence approach seeks a broadband effect across disciplines. It amounts to an extension of systems thinking and other objectivistic modes of thinking. It recognises the significance of the sensitivities-based, "soft", subjectivistic and first-person -related aspects of the human endowment as fundamental to the human systemic engagement with her environment. While rationalistic traditions of thought have often overlooked the significance of the realm of subjective sensibilities, the systems intelligence approach seeks to make use of them. It amounts to an art of life that combines the subjective and the objective in real time and in the midst of evolving processes and actions. When facing the gulf that separates the natural science and mathematics inspired objectivism from the humanities and the arts inspired approaches to human affairs, systems intelligence chooses integrity. In the current volume the systems intelligence perspective is brought to illuminate such phenomena as philosophy for managers, David Bohm's theory of thought, emotions and decisions, the sociological affect control theory, Alexander's view on architecture, homiletics, food, the profes­sional growth of a European champion figure skater, usability, infant research, facilitation mastery, and the intersubjective systems theory of Stolorow, Atwood and Orange.
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ISBN (elektroninen)978-951-22-9527-2
TilaJulkaistu - 2008
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  • systems analysis laboratory research group


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