Sustainable intermodal train transport

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  • South Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences


Increasing the share of intermodal transport is a promising way to reduce CO 2 emissions. This chapter examines the key drivers increasing the share of rail-based intermodal freight transport in Europe. The institutional theory is used to identify the drivers, and the literature is reviewed to categorize the main external and internal drivers that could support a shift from road to rail. The framework is then used as the basis for a qualitative case study developing initial insights concerning the importance of drivers in the logistics sector. The findings indicate that there are several drivers that may increase the market share of rail transport, and they can be grouped into three categories. We propose a number of ways to increase the purchase of intermodal transport.


OtsikkoOperations Management and Sustainability
AlaotsikkoNew Research Perspectives
TilaJulkaistu - 2019
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ID: 33329198