Stress magnification factor for angular misalignment between plates with welding-induced curvature

Federica Mancini, Heikki Remes, Jani Romanoff, Goncalves Reinaldo Bruno

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The construction of lightweight structures poses new design challenges as a result of the different mechanics of deformation experienced by thinner-plated structures. Because of a reduced bending stiffness, thin plates are particularly sensitive to welding-induced distortions, which include a curvature, in addition to the axial and global angular misalignment observed on thick plates. The curvature shape and amplitude determine a local angular misalignment at the welded joint, which causes non-negligible secondary bending effects.
Therefore, the commonly used stress magnification factors km solution for flat plates need a further development to include the curvature effect. This study proposes new analytical formulations, which extend the applicability of the existing solutions to the assessment of the structural stress of a curved thin plate under an axial load. The improved formulations are consistent with the geometrical non-linear Finite Element Analysis under compression
(up to 80% of the buckling limit) and tension (up to the yield strength). A sensitivity analysis is presented in order to show the dominant role of the curvature effect in the estimation of the km factor. Regardless of the load applied, the presence of the curvature causes a flat plate solution inaccuracy greater than 10% when the local angular misalignment is more than 1:25 times higher than the global angular misalignment in the case of a thin and slender structure.
JulkaisuWelding in the World
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TilaJulkaistu - 1 huhtik. 2020
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