Space Invaders VI - Living Together

Anna Jensen, Eliisa Suvanto

    Tutkimustuotos: Taiteellinen julkaisu ja ICT-julkaisuExhibitionArt in coproductionvertaisarvioitu


    Space Invaders is an ongoing project that takes over a chosen location and brings visual art, performance, music, research and urban planning together. It uses location itself as a starting point to make something special, temporal and site-specific; something which can never reappear exactly the same. Each year ‘Space Invaders’ has a new theme and theoretical starting point related to space and time and their narratives at hand. This year the theme is ‘Living Together’ and it is based on Judith Butler recent writings about precariousness and grievability. The physical space is always crucial for Space Invaders but at the same time the situations that become present and visible through the works of art are just as important. The event focuses how to create artworks related to the space activated, as well as the historical context of exhibiting art, hierarchical structures, and social questions. It also questions the traditional roles of the curator, producer, and artist, suggesting new ways to co-work in productions and is based on collective working and thinking together. 
    This year the already sixth editions of Space Invaders is realized together with Uusix in Kyläsaari, where we are able to explore the old industrial area, how city is coping with the leftover materials and with the rehabilitating work is done in the area. Kyläsaari is an exciting environment itself – a non place right next to the lively city space, that is demanding development and new activities. Space Invaders has throughout the years been a platform for emerging – both local and international – artists and performers to develop their practice but also a place for artists from different fields, career steps and countries to meet and discuss. The project by Anna Jensen and Eliisa Suvanto has been previously organized in Pori (2013 & 2014), Espoo (Otaniemi, 2015 & Matinkylä, 2016) and Tampere (Hiedanranta, 2017).
    Participants: Aino Lintunen, Ali Akbar Mehta, Alina Autio, Alina Belishkina, Andrea Coyotzi Borja, Bassam El Baroni, Erno-Erik Raitanen, Liina Kuittinen, Lotta Esko, Maria Mastola, Mira Simon, Nelli Ruotsalainen, nynnyt, Parsa Kamehkhosh, Silja Eriksson, to kosie, Työstäkieltäytyjäliitto, Valeria Nekhaeva, Vappu Jalonen.
    TilaJulkaistu - 26 maaliskuuta 2018
    OKM-julkaisutyyppiF2 Julkaistut taideteosten osatoteutukset
    TapahtumaSpace Invaders: Living Together (Uusix, Kyläsaari) - Helsinki, Suomi
    Kesto: 23 toukokuuta 201826 toukokuuta 2018
    Konferenssinumero: 6

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