Shortcuts to Adiabatic Pumping in Classical Stochastic Systems

Ken Funo*, Neill Lambert, Franco Nori, Christian Flindt

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Adiabatic pumping is characterized by a geometric contribution to the pumped charge, which can be nonzero even in the absence of a bias. However, as the driving speed is increased, nonadiabatic excitations gradually reduce the pumped charge, thereby limiting the maximal applicable driving frequencies. To circumvent this problem, we here extend the concept of shortcuts to adiabaticity to construct a control protocol which enables geometric pumping well beyond the adiabatic regime. Our protocol allows for an increase, by more than an order of magnitude, in the driving frequencies, and the method is also robust against moderate fluctuations of the control field. We provide a geometric interpretation of the control protocol and analyze the thermodynamic cost of implementing it. Our findings can be realized using current technology and potentially enable fast pumping of charge or heat in quantum dots, as well as in other stochastic systems from physics, chemistry, and biology.

JulkaisuPhysical Review Letters
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TilaJulkaistu - 13 huhtikuuta 2020
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