Scaling ice-induced vibrations by combining replica modeling and preservation of kinematics

Tim C. Hammer*, Otto Puolakka, Hayo Hendrikse

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A modeling approach to simulate ice-induced vibrations of vertically sided offshore structures in ice tank experiments is presented. The technique combines replica modeling with the preservation of kinematics during ice-structure interaction. The technique was chosen based on the theoretical understanding that ice-induced vibrations are caused by an energy exchange between the structure and the ice. The mechanism is controlled by primarily four aspects: the kinematics during ice-structure interaction, the degree to which the ice can resist higher loading at low velocities prior to failure (velocity effect), the existence of a transition speed from ductile-to-brittle failure, and the mean ice load level. A model ice type which resulted in a velocity effect and provided a transition speed comparable to that of sea ice was developed and used during ice tank experiments. A scaling factor, derived from the comparison between the mean brittle crushing ice load of the full-scale event and the in-situ measured mean brittle crushing model ice load, was applied to scale structure properties of a numerical model. This model was implemented during real-time hybrid simulations in model ice to preserve kinematics during the ice-structure interaction. To verify the proposed scaling approach, rigid indenter experiments covering velocities from 0.1 mm s−1 to 500 mm s−1 and dynamic ice-induced vibration experiments of structures with varying aspect ratios (8 and 12) and shapes (cylindrical and rectangular) were conducted. Neither the aspect ratio nor shape appeared to influence the development of ice-induced vibrations significantly. The approach was qualitatively validated by reproducing full-scale ice-induced vibrations as experienced by the Molikpaq platform and Norströmsgrund lighthouse.

JulkaisuCold Regions Science and Technology
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TilaJulkaistu - huhtik. 2024
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    Polojärvi, A. & Puolakka, O.


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