Resilient Housing and Care Services for Aging Municipalities

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The Social welfare and health care reform in Finland will have an impact on the services provided by the municipalities. The housing services, health promotion and wellbeing of residents will remain in charge of the local authorities. Environmental factors are important for independent coping of older people who live in their own homes assisted by peers or by home care staff. Therefore, architects need to anticipate the demographic change in housing design and urban planning.

The Government Key project TÄYTYY (2017 – 2018) was a research and development project targeting at efficient and operational service network, combining housing, home care and remote care services. The objective was to provide a resilient service structure for small municipalities through resource efficiency, complementing the urban structure and sharing existing facilities and resources locally.

The multiple case study method was used to promote shared use of resources and spaces in local context. The project was carried out with cross-sectoral collaboration together with Aalto University, municipalities, health care service providers and local associations. As result, the project provided a model and a process of development for small municipalities. TÄYTYY project was carried out in collaboration with the Ministry of the Social Affairs and Health and the Ministry of the Environment.
JulkaisuArchitectural Research in Finland
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TilaJulkaistu - 9 syysk. 2022
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