Reflecting on future research concerning the added value of FM

Per Anker Jensen*, Theo J M Van Der Voordt, Christian Coenen, Anna Liisa Sarasoja

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    Purpose – This paper aims to summarize recent research findings and reflections on The Added Value of Facilities Management (FM) and to outline perspectives for future research and development of the added value of FM. Design/methodology/approach – The article is based on reflections on contributions to the recently published book “The Added Value of Facilities Management” and related future studies, as well as further exploration of five main themes. Findings – Added value is expected to be central in the future development of FM, which is confirmed by recent foresight studies. There is a need for a better understanding of alignment between FM and core business, performance measurement methods and how models such as the FM Value Map can be of value to the involved stakeholders. Corporate social responsibility (CSR), sustainability and branding have great potential to add value and to elevate FM to become a strategic partner with corporate top management. Management of stakeholders’ perception of value and relationships are essential aspects as well and need further attention. Research limitations/implications – The article is based on the conclusions of several studies that aimed to explore items for further research, on the ideas of all co-authors of “The Added Value of Facilities Management” anthology and on further exploration of five main themes, and not on an extensive review of recommendations for further research to be found in a huge number of research reports. Practical implications – The findings and ideas for further research on the added value of FM deliver input to further professionalization of FM. Originality/value – This paper provides important input to the future research agenda on the added value of FM and sheds new light on five particular research topics.

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    TilaJulkaistu - 30 syysk. 2014
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