Privacy-Preserving and Regular Language Search over Encrypted Cloud Data

Kaitai Liang, Xinyi Huang*, Fuchun Guo, Joseph K. Liu

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Using cloud-based storage service, users can remotely store their data to clouds but also enjoy the high quality data retrieval services, without the tedious and cumbersome local data storage and maintenance. However, the sole storage service cannot satisfy all desirable requirements of users. Over the last decade, privacy-preserving search over encrypted cloud data has been a meaningful and practical research topic for outsourced data security. The fact of remote cloud storage service that users cannot have full physical possession of their data makes the privacy data search a formidable mission. A naive solution is to delegate a trusted party to access the stored data and fulfill a search task. This, nevertheless, does not scale well in practice as the fully data access may easily yield harm for user privacy. To securely introduce an effective solution, we should guarantee the privacy of search contents, i.e., what a user wants to search, and return results, i.e., what a server returns to the user. Furthermore, we also need to guarantee privacy for the outsourced data, and bring no additional local search burden to user. In this paper, we design a novel privacy-preserving functional encryption-based search mechanism over encrypted cloud data. A major advantage of our new primitive compared with the existing public key based search systems is that it supports an extreme expressive search mode, regular language search. Our security and performance analysis show that the proposed system is provably secure and more efficient than some searchable systems with high expressiveness.

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TilaJulkaistu - 1 lokak. 2016
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