Prediction of the temperature profiles for shallow ground in cold region and cold winter hot summer region of China

Cang Tong, Xiangli Li*, Lin Duanmu, Haichao Wang

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The lacking of ground temperature measurement data has been preventing the development of underground engineering in China. Therefore, this paper proposed and validated a numerical prediction model that comprehensively considered the effects of short-wave solar radiation, long-wave radiation, latent evaporation energy, heat convection, heat conduction, soil freezing and thawing latent heat on ground temperature. Three frequently-used typical meteorological year databases were used to provide the weather parameters for the numerical model. Comparison of three city cases showed that the model using the “Chinese typical year weather” performed best in accuracy. Moreover, due to the much calculation time required for the numerical model, the two-harmonic analytical correlation (THAC) with higher accuracy than Kusada correlation and Baggs correlation was introduced to obtain ground temperature rapidly. Considering the variety of soil types, the universal correction formulas about the relationship between the THAC coefficients and the soil thermal diffusivity were developed through a series of typical city cases. Simultaneously, THACs of main cities in two climate regions corresponding to soil thermal diffusivity of 8.13*10-2 m2/day were provided as the standard THACs. The THACs of other types of soil were proved to be derived according to the universal correction formulas and the standard THACs.

JulkaisuEnergy and Buildings
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TilaJulkaistu - 1 heinäk. 2021
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