Policy lessons from the flexible transport service pilot Kutsuplus in the Helsinki Capital Region

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An increasing number of flexible micro transport services (FMTS) is an emerging response to tackling sustainability issues of urban mobility. Meeting the challenges of changing user requirements and difficulty in accomplishing modal shift policy goals, FMTS can respond, owing to advances in technological solutions. However, these novel services are still facing a range of barriers, including institutional, cultural, and economic hindrances. Moreover, there is a general lack of knowledgebase related to FMTS deployment in urban areas. Consequently, the objective of this article is to present policy and planning lessons on urban FMTS. The lessons are derived from a unique FMTS pilot in the Helsinki Capital Region. This FMTS pilot, called Kutsuplus, was operational from October 2012 to December 2015. The study includes an analysis of operational data, as well as policy-making processes, including expert interviews. The key findings provide a range of guidelines and lessons for future urban FMTS. The first set of transferable guidelines relates to the Kutsuplus setup and organization. The second set concerns fare determination and financing. The third set involves decision-making processes and stakeholder involvement. In addition, a range of other lessons are highlighted for future pilots. The results point towards the recommendation to look beyond long-term financial sustainability by taking into account a range of interdependent factors, starting from the initial planning stage.
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