Plasma reflectivity behavior under strong subpicosecond excitation of liquids

E. Ponomareva, A. Ismagilov, S. Putilin, A. N. Tcypkin*

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Emerging laser plasma-based technologies require new knowledge on the optical pump optimization and underlying physics of laser-matter interaction. Plasma in liquid jets is still largely unexplored, although this configuration is actively used as a part of optical devices. Hereby, in this work, we report on the reflectivity-based approach to study the optical properties of the induced plasma and quasi-free electron temporal dynamics. The single-shot experiments provide plasma characteristics relative to the laser pump parameters. A strong angular dependence of the plasma absorptivity, which affects rigorously the reflectivity curve, is demonstrated. Furthermore, twofold higher plasma reflectivity in ethanol is revealed and explained through the theoretical model of ultrashort laser pulse interaction with a thin dielectric surface layer. Finally, the time-resolved fundamental and third harmonic reflection measurements and associated analytical study provide the new insight into the electron density dynamics in the case of optical breakdown in water and ethanol. We believe that these findings are of particular significance for the development of highly efficient plasma-based x rays and THz radiation sources.

JulkaisuAPL Photonics
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TilaJulkaistu - 1 jouluk. 2021
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