Performance and Design of Commercial Off-the-Shelf (COTS) Components-based Magnetometer for FORESAIL-1 CubeSat

Ville Lundén, Tatu Peltola, Petri Niemelä, Kiril Cheremetiev, Bruce Clayhills, Minna Palmroth, Emilia Kilpua, Rami Vainio, Pekka Janhunen, Jaan Praks

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Magnetometers are among the most typical payloads on satellite missions. As the size and cost of satellites decrease and interest in CubeSats continually grows, the requirements for magnetometers continue evolving. Small size and low power consumption must be combined with low cost while achieving performance satisfying the stringent demands set by modern science missions. These requirements have inspired the development of the MAgnetometer Technology Test Instrument (MATTI). Developed by Aalto University, the novel magnetometer will fly as a secondary payload on-board the Foresail-1 CubeSat, a mission developed by the Finnish Centre of Excellence in Research of Sustainable Space (FORESAIL) and funded by the Academy of Finland.

Instead of having strictly defined science objectives, the primary objective of MATTI is to demonstrate what performance can be achieved by a design based completely on commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) components. In addition, MATTI will serve as a learning platform for future missions, like Foresail-2, with more stringent requirements set for magnetic experiments. This paper will present the design of MATTI along with results of the calibration and characterization campaigns performed to evaluate the performance of the instrument before the soon upcoming launch of Foresail-1 projected for early June 2022. The results show that MATTI achieves a noise level less than 1 nT/√Hz at frequencies from 0.01 Hz to 15 Hz, and the measurement range of the instrument is ±140 μT.
Otsikko4S Symposium 2022
TilaHyväksytty/In press - 2022
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TapahtumaSmall Satellites, System & Services Symposium - Vilamoura, Portugali
Kesto: 16 toukok. 202220 toukok. 2022


ConferenceSmall Satellites, System & Services Symposium
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